Top Unknown Intresting Facts About Lord Hanuman.

Top Unknown Intresting Facts About Lord Hanuman.

In Indian culture Lord Hanuman have lot respect every one pray lord hanuman at any stage of life.Most of indian mother have wish to have son like lord Hanuman.Most intesting facts is that every village in total country have  at least one Lord Hanuman idol.Every person in india easily pray lord hanuman no special rules made.Lord Hanuman have diffrent names across india,According to his importance in Ramayana different names are choosen to identify easily.

Top 10 intresting facts about Lord Hanuman.

1).Pawanputra Hanuman was an incarnation of Lord Shiva .Lord Hanuman considered to be large amount of strength, devotion and simplicity.

2).Lord Raama Once applied Sindhhor on Hanuman for long life.

3).In Lord Hanuman Name  ‘Hanuman’ actually means ‘difigured jaw’ in Sanskrit.

4).Lord Hanuman  was a Brahmchari, even Lord Hanuman had a son called name Makardhwaja.

Makardhwaja story:

According to Valmiki Ramayana an incident made to born Makardhwaja.After reaching lanka Hanuman have tough fight with Ravan. to show Hanuman Strength.Ravan got angry with Hanuman talks given order to burns Hanuman tail.Hanuman with his tail flame burn total lanka. After burning  Lanka hanuman got very tired and got produced large amount of heat in his body  Then Hanuman went to Sea jumped to cool down his body from heat. 

When Jumping into sea Hanuman  sweat fell inside mouth of large fish named Makardhwaj.According puranas Hanuman  sweat fell inside Makardhwaja mouth got pregnancy.After some days fish given birth to Makardhwaja.This is story how Hanuman son  Makardhwaja was born on earth.

5).Once, Lord Hanuman have big fight with Lord Rama.

6). Hanuman also created his version of Ramayan,which was a superior version compared to  Valmiki Ramayan.

7). Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhima were both brothers.

8).when Lord Rama’s time of death was at hand, Lord Hanuman barred Yama  from claiming him.

9).Lord Hanuman once rejected Goddess Sita  gift.