Scientist told Men and Women working hours are Diffrerent.

Scientist told Men and Women working hours are Diffrerent.

Acorroding reserch men and women working more than 48 hours per a week may causes harmful to health both mentally and physically.Reaserch suggested women working 34 hours per a week is better to their good health.

The new study  research on man working hours conducted by Astralian National University (ANU) was said  in a Melbourne the work limit for men in a week is 48 hours is a good for health above 48 hours working per week may increases health issues.

Scientist  Huong Dinh from ANU Research School of Population health said average working hours  for women limit is 34 hours and for men 48 hours limit  for good health.

working women are working more than 34 hours after office works as a domestic like  looking  children and preparing food . Working women have pressure from higher authority in office level is getting illness and  un healthly in early age.

working hours for women is 34  and men 48 hours per a week is a average working  good for health. Men working more than women they don’t have domestic work like women only have job pressure .Men are relieved from the domestic work.