Indian Government Employee is going to create World records for not Working.

Indian Government Employee is going to create World records for not Working.

As an Indian every one should feel proved or shameful for this incident decide your self after reading complete article.

 One of Government hospital doctor in Hasan was went for a leave in October 1997,on unauthorized leave for 20 years till the end of December 2016 in the Karnataka state.Doctor taking leave ok but person who is given to him is genius because for last twenty years is drawing valuable public money for her expenditure.Most of Indian mentality is like this especially government employee ready to take salaries and want increment for every six years.

In India more than 70% people are living on agriculture still now no one improved former life style.Same case will happen in coming days government have to take responsibility for agriculture.No one in India want their children to take agriculture as carrier.if situation happen after 20 years Indian have beg for food from other countries  like presently India importing Mobile from China.

She Government doctor is terminated from services.This  finding from  report prepared by state health department on unauthorized absenteeism among government hospital doctors as per the instructions of its commissioner Mr.Subodh yadav  in Bangalore.

Our India growing in making fraud in every aspect this culture we developing and showing to our next generation especially in government services.Same will happen coming days Indian government in situation to not able to pay salaries to central and state employees. According research form India government started disinvestment in public sector companies after this there is no source to generate income for Indian budget.

According to sources 103 doctors were on unauthorized leave in the Karnataka state till the end of December 2016.Government of Karnataka terminate services of 84 members out of 103 doctors. 

India is having 65% population in rural villages.A senior officer of the health department said doctors not interest to work in the rural and small towns areas.Hello friend all government employee taking salary from government justify with your work.