Do You Know Reason For Sudden rise In Weather Temparature

Do You Know Reason For Sudden rise In Weather Temparature.

The hottest day was recorded on the 20th February 2017 from the last 8 years in the Hyderabad. Telangana state recorded  temperature increases of 4 to 5 C above the normal.

Minimum temperature was recorded in Hyderabad was 16.5 C here on Monday. After 8-years from 2009 was recorded hottest day on February  because Mercury  jumping  early 20 C temperature are increased in one day and  next coming days from the 20th onwards will be hot.

The India Metrological Department(IMD)official  has expressed  maximum temperature will record the next days from the Monday above the 38 C.According reserch all district are recorded  increase in temperature 4 to5 C above  normal in February month .

Winds are coming from the North-West due to  effect  climate will be becomes hot .Air becomes very hot because winds are coming from the Western India.