Iran Female Body Builder Arrested for Nude Photo Posting

Iran Female Body Builder Arrested for Nude Photo Posting.

In  Tehran(Iran)  an Iranian  female body builder has arrested for her nude photos posting on a social media  the judiciary news agency reported on  Wednesday.In two Iranian  players  are selected for the international sports events in one of the player has arrested in Tehran.

Her name was did  not referred ,the female Iranian body builder has kept her photos on social  media.By this reason  the police has arrested her and  the photos of her creating sensation on  social media.

  The Iran country will  support  for the girls in international level  games but they should follow the Islamic cloth rules strictly wherever.In Iran nude means  those who are not wearing head scarf or not covered the parts  of the body  like arms and legs.

   According to sources Mizanonline news agency for this cause  she was arrested put in a jail.she was unable to get bail of 2 billions rials (the Iran currency) or $(50,000)  for the fine  ,the Mizanonline
news agency said.