Health Tips For Busy Scheduled Employees.

Health Tips For Busy Scheduled Employees.

The  few healthy tips for  those who are  working more than 12 hours duty with their busy schedule.
If you are follows the  few healthy  tips in your day to day life will  maintaining your  health in Physically and mentally good for you.

 According studies from medical practices suggested few Small tips to keep our  body healthy in day to day life,Here is few tips:

1.Walk the talk: In daily life wherever you go prefer to walk only.Try to use the steps instead of  using lifts to step down. ,Make practice to avoid vehicles for  small distances.Don’t say the have no time for exercises and  walking.

2.Get some sun shine: Get up early in the morning before that the sun rising.If the sun rays follows on your body  it will give the energy,activeness and shining for your body.The sun rays makes vitamin D keep your bones strongly.

3.Eat  fruits daily as habit with food .Most fruits have lot of vitamins and  minerals. It will give the energy.shining and resistance to the body.

4.To stop smoking: smoking is injurious to healthy ,it causes liver , lungs and  heart problems  for the body.Smoke Dehydrate water  levels in your body.

5.Drink adequate water. It will keep your skin,hair and body  healthy.Make arrangement in office for drink water before start working .Water reduce  your fats in your body and also destroy stress levels in human body.

6.Be as a child:child activities like playing hop,skip,playing with water, shower bath.It will quit your stress levels.

7.Sleep well: Daily  you plan to sleep  minimum 8- hours per daily.The more you sleep your body and mind will be healthy with relaxation.