Why Reliance Jio offering Free Voice and Data Services to Customers in India.

 Why Reliance Jio offering Free Services to Customers in India.

Reliance Jio is one of biggest project taken by Mukesh Ambani in India.Mukesh Ambani invested nearly more than 60,000 crores on Reliance Jio for License and set up through out India.As common man just imagine on investing this much money what will expect as return.Most of people think this is charity for Indians up to March 2017.this article will bring and educate about why Mukesh Ambani offering free Jio services .Muksh Ambani is Marwadi business man have good knowledge about how to attract common man with free offers.when Reliance communication launched in Indian same formula offered free mobile connections.

Mukesh upto now not invested money in E commerce business. India online shopping is growing like rocket with more than $30 Billions Sales in 2016.as per research conducted by world economics forum Indian will be fastest and high value E commerce market with $200 Billions by 2020. Mukesh plan to enter into E commerce Business with major shopping portals in next coming years. Entering E-commerce business is Mukesh creating subscriber data base is one of top strategy to offer free Jio services.

Mukesh Ambani Second strategy will be entering into social media to day world is roaming every day, every hour and every minute along with Social media with Billion users. Face Book is one of leading social media website in India making nearly up to $1 Billion revenue per year.Major Social media website making good amount of revenue from Indian users.Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg got shock with Indian revenue.in one of situation Facebook planned to offer free Facebook services to Indians with out internet ,but Indian government not accepted proposal. Makush Amabani is taking this opportunity with Facebook and along with major social media websites to offer service on profit sharing.

Mukesh third step is to enter into banking service sector.Indian banking sector is have huge potential for making good amount of money with out running bank,As Indian every one know government is open doors to private person in banking sector.Indian government  facing lot of issues like NPA(Non Performing Assets).Indian government is encouraging online banking and cashless transaction .Mukesh saw lot scope for new business like PayTm,Mobile banking App.

Mukesh Amabani want to enter directly those business mentioned above or planning to have partnership business with existing business by using Reliance Jio customer base and network as investment.For above business customer base in important.as per wait for another six month what type of business is going to start using Reliance Jio network.

There are numbers of medium sized business opportunities are available fro Relaince Jio in coming days.As per sources all above mentioned business are doing good in profit and customer base .