Rahul Gandhi Twitter Account Hacked

Rahul Gandhi Twitter Account Hacked.

Indian congress vice president Rahul Gandhi twitter account is hacked by hackers.Delhi police registered FIR on Rahul Gandhi twitter account hackers.According to sources hackers are used Bangalore based server with different IP address to hack Rahul Twitter account on Thursday.Hacker are used two different IP address located in Norway and Sweden with Bangalore server for hacking purpose.Delhi police registered case against hacker under section 66 of IT Act .in Indian IT Cyber crime case are booked very rarely.

According sources Hackers are used Rahul Gandhi antivirus software to log in to twitter account.Hackers are used different IP address by connecting Bangalore based server .Hacker are tried number times to hack Rahul Ghandi Twitter account. Rahul Gandhi presently working as congress nation vice president taking active participation in congress party to lead party in coming five state assembly elections.Every Indian watching digital security because Indian government  ban 500 and 1000 currency notes encourage Indians toward digital transactions.

According to sources Rahul Gandhi system is effected with malware .hacker used malware to hack Twitter account with phishing software.Case registered and made request to Twitter team about Rahul log in information.