Chaiwala Kiran Mahida is inspired Narendra Modi to do Note Ban In India.

Chaiwala Kiran Mahida is inspired Narendra Modi to do Note Ban In India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have good thinking,future vision capability about Indian economy compared previous prime ministers.Indian Prime minister Narendar Modi is got inspiration to ban  500&1000 notes by seeing normal street vendor in Vadodara. Narendar Modi  tried last three years to  bring black money from Swiss bank  to India,Modi government given number opportunities to non tax  black holders  pay tax and convert into white money.

Indian Prime minister Naredra Modi got inspiration from Kiran Mahida is a small tea vendor  in Vadodara.Kiram Mahida running tea stall by using cash less transactions from last five years. Kiran have good number of daily customer base   coming to tea stall paying bills once in a month. Kiran for cash less translation opened a current account with Bank of Baroda near to his tea stall .Kiran started accepting monthly bill via online transaction by giving account number to his customers and also made arrangement to accept PAY TM wallets. Kiran Filled income tax from last five year based on his bank transactions. 

Kiran Mahida uis given statement that i am not educated well but i saw most of time while dealing with customer faced lot problems in transaction.I am learned new things started implementing in my business.Most of Indian wantedly  not making IT returns ,making cash transaction to avoid taxes helps growing black money in India.

Indian follow most of  trends from  foreign counties but advanced countries making 85% cash less transactions but Indian making only 15% cash less transactions.there is still long way to go on black money in coming days.Narendar modi is taken good decision will change Indian economy in coming days.

Source :TOI