American Woman Raped by 5 Indians in Five Star Hotel

American Woman Raped by 5 Indians in Five Star Hotel.

Woman of United States of America was raped by tourist guide along with four other person at her residence in five star hotel.Delhi police commissioner received complaint alleged woman through E-Mail.Police registered FIR against five people and transfer to local police station in Delhi.According to source woman sent detailed complaint in E-Mail to Delhi police commissioner official mail account on internet. Woman given information arrived to Indian in March 2016 on tourist visa.

Woman staying at Five star hotel near Cannaught place in Delhi hired local tourist guide from local agency to see different locations in Delhi .One day guide come along with other four members to discuss tourist spots in her room .five people together drink alcohol forcefully raped her in hotel room. After incident happen woman left India went back to USA back.

After reaching USA woman not disclosed details to family and friends and gone into depression. She approached lawyer with friends taken this matter to Indian foreign affairs through NGO.

According to source Delhi police started investing from hotel along with travel agency to identify five persons to solve case.Delhi police contacted US embassy official about her visit to India.