What happens to India citizen after banning 500,1000 notes in India.

What happens to India citizen after banning 500,1000 notes in India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally given statement in media about banning 500,1000 notes in India.PM Modi given statement about banning currency notes after banking hours. Modi don't want give chance to escape black money holders. Narendra Modi taken clear and bold decision to control black money by banning 500 and 100 notes in India.

According source PM Narendra Modi personally given expression about Indian economy is not moving as per projections. Main reason for this Black Money ,Non tax payers and terrorism are in first place.This situation making Indian economy into financial troubles.

Indian Prime Minister Modi given indication about action against black money in Indian last year by promoting Jan Dhan Yojana. Jan Dhan Yojana is initiated by Indian government to make every Indian to open bank to do money transaction through bank accounts.Most of Indian who are not having bank accounts maximum indians utilized this opportunity.Ban on 500 and 1000 currency note will be clearly giving guideline to common man  make transaction through bank accounts.

Indian finance Minister Arun jaitley given chances to black money holder to pay tax convert into  real money. September 31 is second chance given to black money holder to use .Indian government added 20000+ crores  taxes to  Indian treasury form black money holders.

After banning 500 and 1000 notes in India common person is facing lot problems in currency exchange.as per statement from PM all arrangement are made to avoid currency emergency in India.but situation  going worst with India  government not implemented strategy to replace old currency with new currency.India will face currency problems another 15 days but common person in Indian supporting ban on 500 and 100 notes.Indian government able to educate common person very well about long term benefit after banning 500&1000 currencies.

Indian government is expecting more money as tax from Black money holder and more more money circulation through bank accounts. As per financial expert Indian can expect  7% above growth rate this financial year.