United States Of America President Elections between Hillary and Trump is leading towards World War.

United States Of America President Elections between Hillary and Trump is leading towards World War.

USA Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is leading towards world war. Analyst from different countries saying Yes. Changes between different countries relation is making war atmosphere strong.Recently Indian Pakistan cross border terrorism issue.North Korea tested Hydrogen bomb.

             Now Global atmosphere changing in different countries making arrangement to participate in world war .Every country have its own agenda to participate in war. America and Russia are super countries in world looking for leading position in  world.Russia already started arrangement for war by mobilizing army with military equipment at borders.Syria is small country separated from Soviet Union struggling from internal issue from last years.Already USA mobilized Army to support rebel Syria.Syria President Bashar Al-Assad is taken support from Russia to save country from rebels.For Russia Syria is very very important to save form attacks from USA.Most Of Russia military bases are available in Syria.If USA Occupies Syria Russia loose control.America easily take help from other countries to do war with Russia. if war begin between these countries every country will directly or indirectly will get lot of  effect,entire world is associated with USA and Russia.

Russia is already supporting Donald Trump in USA elections.If trump win election most of problem between USA and Russia will be resolved .last surveys saying same thing most of USA citizen looking towards Trump for this cause.Recent surveys In USA first time rump is getting lead over Hillary.

 Russia giving guideline to Russian through electronic media to aware about war.Russia calling back Russian to home country.Russia is already completed building banker to save people from war.

USA elections are main event for USA to as prove once again as super power country.USA already sent 6000+ Army force to Syria support rebels.China and North Korea already supporting Russia.
Most of Countries in world are not ready to do War because world economy is very slow.China and India together can create and stop war between USA and Russia. November 9 is most important day for entire about future.

China and Indian Together will stop war but both countries should be prepare  to control damages.Total population staying in these counties together is more than 30 Billions.