Indian Carnatic Musician MangalamPalli Balamuralikrishna Passed away.

Indian Carnatic Musician MangalamPalli Balamuralikrishna Passed away.

Indian Carnatic musician MangalamPalli Balamuralikrishna is died at age of 86. Balamurali was a famous Carnatic singer. he is also acted in most unforgettable movies like Baktha Prahalada in Telugu in early life in different south Indian films. Balamurali is multi talented musician and singer in India got highest honor from Indian government. Balamurali is awarded with Indian top Civilian honors Padma Vibhushan,Padma Bhushan and Padma Sri.

Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna was a Telugu person born in Sankaraguptam,East Godavari,Andhara Pradesh. Balamurali was born on 6 July 1930.Balamurali father was also one of top musician in AP,mother also is very good veena player. Balamurali started singing in carnatic at age of six year old. Balamurali also created history  by giving 25,000 live musical shows all over world.

Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishan worked with cinema industry by composing 400+ classical tunes in Telugu,Kannada,and Sanskrit.Balamurali is also give good contribution towards devotional by creating 72+ melakratha ragas.

Awards and Honours.

  • Top Grade perfromer in All India Radio
  • .Padma Vibhushan
  • Padma Bhushan
  • Padma Sree
  • 1976 National best male play back singer
  • 1987 National best Music director
  • 1987 Kerala Best Play back singer
  • 2010 Best classical singer
  • Honory Doctorate
  • Sangeeta Kalanidi
  • Sangeeta Kalasikhamani
  • Life Time achievement in Global Indian Music Academy in 2011.
  • Sangeeta Kalasarathy.