India,Japan signed Peaceful Uses of clean Nuclear Energy partnership.

India,Japan signed Peaceful Uses of clean Nuclear Energy partnership.

Indian Prime Minister  Narendra Modi is three day tour to japan. Narendra Modi started moving to Japan to make bilateral agreement decision between two countries.PM Modi made a surprise decision before going japan about banning exiting 500 and 1000 rupees in India.Reason behind banning currencies to control fake currency and black money in Indian market .Naredra Modi is very confident in making decision about banning currencies. all arrangement are made to clean black money from India. After making announcement with in hours PM Modi started moving to Japan.

In three day trip to Japan Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi made historical agreement .Indian and Japan signed Civil Nuclear  clean energy agreement .Indian and Japan also signed nine other agreement before historical Nuclear agreement.India and Japan made MOU to each other to boost economies.India and Japan Made agreement to cooperate in peaceful use of nuclear energy utilization to build clean energy partnership.

Indian and Japan started discussion about Peaceful nuclear energy utilization from last  six years, India and Japan made agreement it is historical event in India and japan relationships. Indian already have peace nuclear agreement with USA,Russia,France,Canada,Australia,Argentina,South Korea,Mongolia and Kazakistan.

Indian And Japan had word about  cooperating in fighting against cross border terrorism.Japan is have favor to support India to reduce terrorism.